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Long Distance

Switched, Dedicated and Toll Free

Long Distance telephone service was supposed to go away years ago according to the experts. Voice Over IP was going to make Long Distance obsolete. VoIP is here to stay, but traditional Long Distance is still going strong. In fact, our long distance business has grown steadily despite new technologies like VoIP.

There are so many plans and options available for long distance service that it can be daunting to choose what is best for your business. Sometimes it makes more sense to bundle your long distance with your local service and Internet access. Sometimes it is better to have a separate plan. Unlimited Long Distance or pay per minute? Contract or month-to-month? It all depends on how you operate your business; not just today, but into the future as well.

SIP Trunks are now available for long distance service at tremendous rates for high volume callers. Some carriers offer a Try Before You Buy option to make sure that your PBX is SIP compatible with the network.

We will ask you about your business in order to understand where your employees call and how often. We match that information with online casino nbso the plan that will work best for online casinos you at the lowest price possible. It is an ongoing process as your business grows and changes over time. A mistake choosing the right plan or switching plans when business changes can be very expensive.

We are easy to The colon remains ground zero for Hair drug test advocates. work with. If you have an existing long distance service, we start with an analysis of several recent invoices to see where money can be saved right away. If you are a nbso online casino new business, you can nbso online casino draw from our years of experience helping companies open and grow a business.

We offer Switched online casino and Dedicated Domestic and International service plans for your business. For high volume long distance or toll free traffic ask us about a cost effective, reliable dedicated T1 facility or perhaps online casino nbso it is time to migrate to SIP. If you online casino nbso are opening a call center or customer service center, we online casino nbso have a lot of experience to offer in Contact Center development as well.

Toll FreeOne of our business strengths, Universal Telecommunications customers represent more than 30,000 toll free numbers in service today. We're experts in RESPORG, Vanity numbers and International Toll Free Service (ITFS).

Why Toll Free?
A Toll Free Number is a number which rings to either a local phone number or to a dedicated circuit (T1 or larger). Having your own toll free number makes it easier for customers to pick up the phone and call knowing that you are paying for the call. Even if your business moves out of the area, the toll free number stays the same and moves with you.

Let us help you find your toll free numbers and set up your toll free service.

Our long distance and service providers include:

  • AT&T
  • Qwest
  • PowerNet Global
  • Access Point, Inc.

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    Service Providers Include:

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    Toll Free: 888.300.6600
    South Florida: 954.571.9900
    Fax: 954.571.9919