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Ethernet WAN, MAN

The demand for more bandwidth has resulted in an explosion of Ethernet availability in the Wide Area Network. Commonly referred to as Metro Ethernet, these services can also be connected to an MPLS core to provide very high speed connections to locations across the country.

Ethernet is most often deployed on a fiber optic local loop, though copper is being deployed more often; especially where fiber is not available. Ethernet port speeds generally start at 10 Mb and can be increased to Gig-E speeds as needed. When all of your business locations are in the same Metropolitan area (like South Florida or Atlanta), the price of Metro Ethernet is considerably less than MPLS while providing a lot more bandwidth. The price of Ethernet connections on a regional or national scale is also becoming more cost effective.

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Every Ethernet location is a project unto itself. Do not expect a Service Level Agreement on when your fiber will be installed because there are so many variables involved. Which is why you want an expert working side-by-side with you to get your project completed. We have years of experience and many successful installations under our belt. Let our experience work for you if you are considering an Ethernet Wide Area Network.

Check the toolbox on the right side of the page for more information on the various ways that Ethernet can be deployed today. Not all services are available in al areas.

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Toll Free: 888.300.6600
South Florida: 954.571.9900
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