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Mobility / Cellular Service

No longer just a luxury, your business cell phone, SmartPhone or PDA is an integral part of how you stay in touch with your customers, prospects and employees. Just like your local and long distance phone service, your Mobility plan needs to be reviewed periodically. Let us make sure your business is getting the best value from your Mobility Plan by calling to schedule a review of your account today.

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  • Access Corporate email or ISP email anytime, anywhere
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  • Update contacts While a common aries horoscope refrain might well be 'me first,' there's no point in arguing with them since, in their minds, they are first. and address books
  • View attachments and send documents
  • Browse the Internet
  • Eliminate the need to carry a laptop for business travel
  • Print remotely with a desktop fax solution like Fax2Mail
  • Many on premise and now Cloud Based PBX's allow your cell phone to become an extension of the phone system so your cell phone rings like a DID number in your office
  • VPN access to corporate servers with a wireless Air Card
  • International travelers can call the US from their cell phone inexpensively with the correct cell plan and device - let us show you how!
  • GPS Navigation, Mapping and Asset Tracking Services

  • Let Universal Telecommunications, Inc. take a look at your current mobility plan and help you evaluate which minute plan, which phones and which data options are best for each one of your mobility users.

    Refer to the Mobility toolbox for more information on network coverage.

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    Toll Free: 888.300.6600
    South Florida: 954.571.9900
    Fax: 954.571.9919